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Uday Gupta
Mr.Uday Gupta Mr. Uday Gupta has Bachelor of Engineering with 1st Class Honors from Jadavpur University and Master of Technology from IIT - Madras, (Chennai) where he was the recipient of Merit Award.

Mr. Uday Gupta has rich and vast experience in the field of manufacturing sector particularly metal and alloy industry. Mr. Uday Gupta was appointed the CEO of Steel Division of the Company in the year 2008. As the CEO of Steel Division, Mr. Uday Gupta has taken various initiatives to streamline the operations and infuse technological expertise for enhancing the overall working of the Divisions. Prior his appointment as the CEO (Steel), Mr. Uday Gupta was the Executive Director of First Aluminum Nigeria Plc Group, the Company listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. There Mr. Uday Gupta was a member of the Audit Committee of the Board and also heading the Profit Center of rolling Mill and Coating Division.

Mr. Uday Gupta has long association with Indian Aluminum Company Ltd.and First Aluminium, where he has worked in various capacities and has certain major achievements to his credit as listed below;
  • Strategy Implementation for growing revenue from USD  53 million in 2006 to USD 100 million in 2009 by product– market stretch – installation of a new colour coating Line (with Chinese soft credit) in January 2007.
  • Paint tie-up with BASF for superior technology, flexibility of colours to customers in terms of range & delivery – stay ahead of the competition and strengthen brand. (2002-2006)
  • Establish operating JV for value added trading in the Manufacturing & Oil and Gas sectors.
  • Increasing the customer base by way of increasing delivered value and maintaining customer relationship in Nigeria to market 12,000 TPA in 2006 from 6,000 TPA in 1998.
  • Selectively upgrade plant & machinery of 60s vintage with state of the art technology for volume enhancement, quality upgrade and increased customer satisfaction – in collaboration with VAI, UK – Project Cost – USD 10 million. This modernization was done to retain market share. This also included building of a 33 KV sub-station & gas generating plant to leverage the low cost of natural gas and thereby reduce fabrication cost. (2000-2003)
  • Introduced ‘Becoming Globally Competitive’ concept of TQM (as was practiced by Ford & other companies) in First Aluminum Nigeria for overall process improvement across the value chain.
  • Installation / commissioning of a state of the art Aluminum Cold Rolling Mill in Indal, Belur at a project cost of USD 7 million. The project was done in consortium with SMS(Germany), ABB (Sweden, Germany & India) and L & T. The plant capacity of INDAL, Belur moved from 20,000 TPA to 40,000 TPA.
  • Capital Expenditure Projects : Annealing Furnaces, Slitters, Cut to Lengths, Layout Changes of plant for increasing material handling efficiency (1982 – 1988) Product Development.

Mr. Gupta has also taken various initiatives in his past Employments significantly contributing to the growth of such organizations.

Mr. Uday Gupta is not on the Board any other Company. He is a Member of Investors’ Grievance Committee of the Company with effect from 5th May, 2011. Mr. Uday Gupta does not hold any shares in the Company.